Hubertusstuben - Our Menue - Meat Dishes

Our menue

We are committed to preparing excellent dishes with the full flavours and aromas of fresh seasonal ingredients.

We recommend you book a table online or calling the number 07672 411-601.

Sliced beef and veal tenderloin with creamy morel sauce,
vegetables from the market and “butter spätzle”

€ 23.50

Beef and veal tongue served with the gravy,
beans and mashed potatoes
€ 24.50

Charolais beef steak with chanterelles,
spinach and baked potatoes
€ 26.00

Veal tenderloin medallions on a bed of chanterelles
with ratatouille and potato cookies
€ 28.00

Beef tenderloin (Charolais cattle) with creamy cognac and pepper sauce,
grilled tomato, spinach and baked potatoes
€ 29.50