Hubertusstuben - Our Menue - Fish Dishes

Our menue

We are committed to preparing excellent dishes with the full flavours and aromas of fresh seasonal ingredients.

We recommend you book a table online or calling the number 07672 411-601.

Pike perch medallions with pan-fried king prawns,
green asparagus and champagne sauce
€ 19.50

Brook char with scallops, saffron foam and baby sugar snap peas
€ 22.00

Pan-fried monkfish medallions with thyme and garlic,
served with “Riesling” sauce and ratatouille
€ 24.00

Grilled turbot fillets from the Atlantic
with lobster sauce and spinach
€ 28.00

“Hubertusstube” fish plate
Pike perch, turbot, monkfish and Scottish salmon fillet
with two types of sauces and spinach
3 types of fish (small portion) € 22.00
4 types of fish (large portion) € 27.50

Our fish dishes are optionally served with butter roasted potatoes, Basmati rice, potato cookies or pasta