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Our menu

We are committed to preparing excellent dishes with the full flavours and aromas of fresh seasonal ingredients.

We recommend you to book a table online or to call the number 07672 411-601.

Grand Marnier Parfait with spiced oranges
and chocolate coconut balls
10,00 €

Raspberry-poppy seed tiramisu
with mango sauce
9,00 €

Gratinated figs with bourbon vanilla ice cream
9,50 €

Mousse of brown Callebaut chocolate
on eggnog sauce and a fruit bouquet
10,00 €

Variation of sorbets in the hip leaf
with fruits of the season
9,50 €

Vanilla ice-cream
with hot cherries, hot raspberries or chocolate sauce
7,00 €

Dessert variation "Hubertusstuben"
11,00 €



Deviled Cherries
Flambéed cherries with vanilla ice cream
€ 11,50

Banana Foster
Flambéed bananas with walnut ice cream
€ 11,80

Crêpes Suzette
Flambéed crepes with bourbon vanilla ice cream
€ 12,50