Georgsklause - Our Menue - Desserts


We will gladly reserve you a table to suit your wishes. Please booking online or call us on the number +49 7672. 411 601

Crepes with hot cherries
Vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
7,50 €


Forest berries - Cream
with Bisquit and whipped cream 
5,60 €


Ice cream menu

Mixed ice
3 scoops of mixed ice cream (strawberry,
Chocolate, vanilla) with whipped cream
5,30 €

Iced coffee or Iced chocolate
with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
5,50 €

Black Forest Cup
mixed ice cream, sour cherries,
black-forested kirsch,
whipped cream and chocolate rasps
6,90 €

Fruit Cup
Vanilla ice cream, fruit ice cream,
whipped cream and fresh fruits
6,90 €

Yogurt Fitness Cup
Yoghurt ice cream, cereal
and fresh yoghurt
5,80 €

Yogurt Berries Cup
Yoghurt ice cream, fresh yoghurt
and fruits of the season
5,80 €

Crepes with hot cherries
and vanilla ice cream
7,50 €

Apple strudel with ice cream
Vanilla sauce and whipped cream
6,30 €

Spaghetti Bonito
Vanilla ice cream, banana, chocolate sauce,
whipped cream and grated coconut
6,40 €

from 14.00 - 17.30