Rössle - Menue - Starters to Tickle


Feel free to ask our staff for the dishes of the day!

We always strive to prepare creative dishes with fresh local produce. Our service staff will be delighted to provide advice and information about our current offers.
To avoid problems, we recommend you book a table in advance, either online or calling the number +49 7672 411-601 or +49 7672.411-601.

Slice of farmhouse bread
topped with lard –a fine hearty spread
€ 3.20

Mixed salad
€ 5.80

“Rogue’s Meal” - Sausage salad
Thinly sliced sausage with onions and a sour dressing (sliced cheese upon request)
€ 7.20

with pickled cabbage, served with green salad
€ 8.80

Roast farmhouse sausages – Kimmel butcher’s
with onion sauce and pickled cabbage with bacon dices
€ 9.20

“Tiefenhäusern” snack plate
Bacon, Black Forest ham,
black pudding, liver pâté and brawn
€ 9.80

Smoked beef and pork ham
served on the chopping board with onion slices and pickled gherkin
€ 10.20

“Rabbit Food” – Mixed salad
with baked chicken breast
€ 10.80

Breaded pork chop
with French fries and mixed salad
€ 12.60